Sunday, 2 September 2012


I didn't know it, but I'm quite fond of stripes. My mum buys most of the boys' clothes and luckily we share the same taste. Classic stripes, French blues and a softness that I find missing in a lot of children's clothes.

I like breaking the rules, and I often pair stripes with stripes. What I also do a lot is step out of the house and realise when we've walked into preschool or something that all three of us are dressed in stripes. Again.

Oh, it's the stripe brigade. 

Just like when we've all stepped out in brown. Or in red. I often wonder if, subconsciously, I wake up feeling a certain colour and pick the same for the boys' clothes. 

Except that Luca picks out his own clothes nowadays.

And on this fine sunny day, he picked out blue-and-white stripey shorts to go with his new blue-and-white stripey cardigan flown all the way from Grandma's house in Uncle Matthew's suitcase.

I could stare at that last picture for hours. All those blues and greens. And those stripes.


  1. They are all lovely photos but I agree the colours in the last one are particularly beautiful.

  2. Ha, ha... I have noticed the three of you in lots of stripes!! Though to confess- we have turned up at FIG and been accused of all wearing stripes as well!

  3. Gorgeous photos, I especially love that first shot. I'm constantly drawn to stripes too for my own clothing and for the girls. Although I'm starting to like polka dots lately too :)

  4. I have to say that I just love stripes, they are classical and not too busy like some of the other children's clothing patterns. Love that last photo too:)


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