Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Auntie Jennifer

She calls them poppet. She calls to Kian to fetch a book or two and reads to him on the sofa. Luca joins them and they sit there all huddled together, pointing, reading and discussing, while I make a Morrocan tagine. Calmly in the kitchen. Oh, the bliss.

She helps Luca as he sounds new words and puts pencil to paper. She bounces Kian on her lap, plays this little piggy again and again, then knows just how to pat him to sleep when he can't quite manage to nod off.

Even though she hasn't seen them for nine months, she knows.

She knows it all. Thank you sis.


  1. She sounds wonderful! Send her over my way please :)

  2. Love you my big Sis. Thanks for a wonderful few days. Miss you already. Love you. Xxx ps butter and jam

  3. Peepo!
    Good on you, sis. Aunties are always MUCH more fun than mums ;)


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