Saturday, 1 September 2012

A big surprise

I thought my brother was leaving today. He was laying about with the flu for the first week, so it's felt like a very short visit. We had such a lovely couple of days this week driving around the area, stopping for lunch in one place and coffee in another. Just the two of us. A highlight was watching him one evening teach Luca how to play noughts and crosses, only to have Luca make up a completely new noughts and crosses game where they each get to win every time. Uncle Matthew has to win, too.

Yesterday morning, Graeme left us at home and took Luca out. I suspected nothing. Half an hour later, he brings in a birthday card from my sister. Must have got stuck in the post, I thought.

Inside it read: I had the presence of mind to bring presence of mine.

She's got presence and presents mixed up. 

Has she?

Yes look, she means presents e-n-t-s but she's written presence e-n-c-e. She's written it wrong. 

Has she?

I stopped. Graeme was half grinning and rushed downstairs.

No way. No way. I kept saying.

And there she was. My sister hiding in the car with Luca. All the way from Perth to spend a few days so we could all be together. The other surprise was that my brother is staying till Wednesday.

The three of us haven't been together for over three years.

Luca was beyond excited. Auntie Jennifer is another great playmate. Within minutes, they were playing another made-up game of Luca's. It took Kian a few minutes, but he knew this was someone special just like when Uncle Matthew arrived. It wasn't long before he was giving out more of his cuddles.

I don't think I've ever been this surprised. And I thought I didn't like surprises.


  1. How wonderful! Have a beautiful few days together x

  2. Oh that is beautiful! Enjoy, see you after your special visit. :)sarah

  3. That's wonderful! enjoy!! xx

  4. What a wonderful surprise, have a wonderful time all together xxx

  5. What a lovely surprise! Would've loved to've been with you all.

  6. How precious! What a beautiful way to be surprised x


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