Wednesday, 20 July 2011

What's got into me?

I'm thinking about my own Facebook page. Shock. Horror.

I look in the mirror every morning and try to imagine what my face would look like without the road map my forehead has become. Maybe if I stop smiling and frowning? Hmmm... In the meantime, I've bought into all the marketing hype, ditched my all-natural rose and frankincense creams and am piling on the paraben-loaded anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing stuff. More shock. More horror.

No I don't want the wrinkles on my face to tell the story of my life. I even found myself pausing a little too long to read the Botox sign at my doctor's surgery. Gasp! Choke!

Seriously, is this what lack of sleep does after a while? It's been seven months to the day since I last had a proper night's sleep — you know, where you go to sleep, stay asleep and wake up to daylight streaming through the window. There isn't much I'd give up for that right now.

But surely, I can't blame Kian for felt art??!

I'm a lot of things, but crafty, I am not. I can't sew a button. I can't draw, unless we're talking stick men and animals that all resemble a very long fox. Nor have I ever shown any interest in wanting to learn how to be creative in that way.

Until I had children, that is.

I love beautiful, handmade things. Original artwork and illustrations. And I want my little boys to have examples of these on their walls, to appreciate art from an early age.

I came across Anou Design recently and fell in love with her canvases. Aren't they gorgeous?!

It's exactly what I'd love in my boys' rooms. But can I do it myself? Moi?

Well, I've just been shopping. Canvases, check. Acrylic paint, check. Felt in various colours, check. Now then, glue. Can't I just use some PVA glue? Luca has some in his drawer.

No. Unless I don't mind it eating all the felt up. Craft glue is what I need for this, apparently. Have so much to learn.

I'll use one of Luca's paint brushes.

That just leaves one important thing. The design. Don't think a stick man or an elephant-cum-fox will cut it. Think this will have to be a Mummy and Daddy joint effort.

Just when do I think I'm going to have time for this? Only five more contestants left on Masterchef, then I'll have my evenings back...


P.S. Who are you rooting for btw? I have my eye on Kate. I, too, have visions of a B&B with a foodie slant one day...

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