Thursday, 21 July 2011

Luca's artwork

I hang most of his work from the ceiling
Until I come up with my first piece of felt art, I'll show you what I've done to liven up Luca's walls. I've used his artwork.

Happy to have finally found a home for all those frames I've got stashed away from garage sales.
This is a very special one
Luca's first (recognisable) face

I love this one

And now it's on the wall

His handprints on a canvas
We did this one together at home using those paint pads

It's all pretty basic but I'm having fun and Luca gets to feel a sense of pride at the same time.

Now, back to the felt...Maybe if Kian sleeps long enough today, I'll get a canvas painted at least.



  1. Love the artwork! Such a good idea putting it into frames, I may have to pinch it :-)

  2. Brilliant! The other thing I do is write somewhere the date and where he was, so that if and when you decide to take it out of the frame, you'll know how old he was etc when he did it. Then you can collect all the special ones and put them into a journal. I'm still using his baby journal, but I'm going to have to upgrade soon!


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