Monday, 25 July 2011

My first creation

It was meant to be an elephant design. I had started tracing over my favourite illustrations from Luca's books, but hubby came home and suggested I start small and build up my confidence.

He was right.

He came up with the idea of a rainbow and I'm proud to say it was a completely joint effort. He drew and cut the shapes (with one eye on the Tour de France). I painted, cut and glued the felt (with my back to the Tour de France).

Never imagined I'd enjoy this sort of thing, but it was fun. Especially doing it together.

Up on Luca's wall now. What do you think?


Should have put a darker colour in the middle
Fiddly raindrops

Pleased as punch


  1. Did you hear that Cadel Evans won the Tour de France?

  2. good one, luv! See -- you CAN do it!!!

    Look forward to catching up soon

    x Nicole


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