Thursday, 7 July 2011

Questions questions

I'm loving Luca's questions at the moment. If they don't make me laugh, they leave me speechless. Or worse, he has me wondering why I don't know the answer.

Where do lentils come from Mummy?

Call yourself a food writer. Why don't I know this?? I mean I have a vague idea. But I'd be guessing.

That was one of today's questions.

A few days ago, it was where do chickpeas come from?

I'm very proud of my little boy's food curiosity. He knows where milk, cheese and eggs come from, so it's natural for him to ask about more obscure things. But the questions do seem to be getting harder lately.

He even answered one of his own questions in the car the other day as we passed major roadworks. Why is the digger putting sand in the truck? I don't know the ins and outs of laying a road, so I paused to think of an intelligent response. But he beat me to it. The truck's taking sand to the beach Mummy.

My absolute favourite has to be when I came out of the shower yesterday.

Where's your willy Mummy?

Not a question, but while we're on the subject of funny utterings, how about this recent one in the bath: (the look of concentration then a big smile on Luca's face) I'm making bubbles with my bottom Mummy

I love you Luca.

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