Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bellyfish goes belly-up

I'm sad to report that we haven't found our dream local — for breakfast anyway.

We'd been looking forward to it all week. We managed to get the last table outside overlooking the ocean and feeling rather pleased with ourselves, we decided to order the works. The Big Breakfast.

More like, the Big Disappointment. I feel the need to point out before I go into detail that I'm not out to find fault. Far from it. Based on that coffee and cake, we went there expecting great things.

Aside from the coffee, it was pretty awful. Potatoes were more salt than potato. Sausage was more fat than tasty porky meat. Bread, eggs and everything else simply lacked any flavour.

Hubby wants to give them a second chance, if only to try out their live music.

I'm not feeling the love. It could have been an off day for them, but to get every element on the plate so wrong?

What do you think? Have you been there?


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