Friday, 8 July 2011

I'm excited

I couldn't resist a sneak preview at that cafe. We're still going for breakfast tomorrow morning (we're calling it a date at sunrise — with two children and a dog tagging along), but I can't wait that long.

So I took Sydney and Kian for another gorgeous walk into Terrigal and stopped at Bellyfish cafe for coffee and cake.

Not a great start. Sloooow to take my order and slooower to bring it out. And if you're reading this, Bellyfish, I'm fond of my cake WITH my coffee. They're not separate courses, you know.

That's the bad news. The good is oh so good. The best tasting friand I've had in years. The coffee was sublime. It would have been perfect had Kian not been wriggling and fidgeting on my lap.

I ask the waitress, in anticipation of the real test tomorrow, whether the eggs are free-range and she says YES!

I wasn't expecting that. Nor was I expecting the impressive spiel on the piece of paper she gave me.

Free-range meats from Erina Heights butcher?!

Locally caught fish?!

La Tartine bread?!

It does say barn-laid eggs from the Egg Shed in Erina, which isn't free-range. I know what barn-laid means in the UK. I must look into it.

I can't wait. And they do mid-week lunches for $10. Fab.

Let's hope we get a table...

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  1. Ha, you cheated, you just couldn't help yourself... ;-) Well I suppose I wouldn't either. By the way, I'm the other half of your date tomorrow morning and I can't wait either.


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