Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My drug of choice

I am tired but obviously I haven't been listening. So my body shouted a little louder last week when the hand, foot and mouth virus hit me. A very dark cloud seemed to hang over us for a little while there – someone's mood was almost unbearable. But the cloud has cleared.

I feel like taking it really slowly now, going to bed early and just doing what we have to.

Except, wait, it's Christmas. Am I the only one who thinks the timing could be better?

I stuck my head in the sand yesterday and left the house and all its jobs. We wandered down to the garden in-between rain showers. We picked tomatoes and snipped speckled beans. When we put it all together, I almost cried.

Then Luca found an orange beetroot in amongst the beetroot basket. He raced upstairs, gave it a wash and sat and drew his prized beetroot. He's always had a thing about orange.

All of this in the garden, it's like a drug. It gets me all emotional and I realise when I'm juggling a push on the swing, a brief pause to watch the boys' snails on the driveway and a quick dash to harvest some worm castings, that I'm well and truly addicted.


Thank you by the way for your beautiful comments and emails last week. I'm still thinking about that whole issue. It's obviously something we all question from time to time. What's important for me is to come at it from a centred place and not because of what it might look like: if it feels right, then I do it. If I'm not inspired by anything (last week was a case in point!), then I don't do anything. With any luck, the lull just passes.

How do you deal with your lulls? Do you have a 'drug'? Do you find your head's clearer on the other side? 


  1. So sorry to hear you've been unwell - it's such a rotten thing feeling so low, but I'm glad you're feeling better and that cloud is lifting.

    I couldn't agree more with your choice of drug - fresh, packed with vitamins is always the best tonic I find, plus lots and lots of doing nothing...and sleep.

    Nina x

  2. We've had some moods here recently that have been difficult to deal with, today was a good day though. It has given me the blahs though and then throw in Christmas and the combination isn't good. I did a bit of baking yesterday though, some granola just for me, that made me happy but usually a little quiet time is what I crave most:) I hope that you feel better soon and the lulls disappear too. Take care. xx

  3. Must be that time of year. Having a "lull" here too. You know what? Christmas is overrated - I reckon if you've got some pressies for the kids, lunch on the table, maybe the tree up, you've done well!

    My drug of choice (until quite recently) was wine. But now it's running. It has transformed my insides and my outsides. Helps me sleep better too!

  4. I think my drug is getting organised, spring cleaning, decluttering - I just find that so therapeutic for me.
    Or reading a book, but that's harder because I'm no good at sitting still.
    I'm really glad to hear that you are all feeling better, Vanessa.
    Ronnie xo

  5. Oh Vanessa sorry to hear you have had that virus - no fun! Glad you are feeling better. The beach is my tonic but then I can relate to Ingi's need for exercise too and Ronnie's decluttering bug...all helps. Definitely eating well is key. I'm loving green smoothies at the moment and am actually craving green leafy salads for lunch. Enjoy the go slow x


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