Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012: Other bloggers' best bits

I was going to write about all the things that stand out for me this year – finding a local food co-op that supports my ideals on food, green smoothies that have become a good habit, spending the day with awesome sourdough makers, time alone just the two of us in the Hunter, the garden. Oh, my garden

But rather than harp on about me and what all of this has meant for my happiness, I'm going to mention instead the best bits I've enjoyed from other writers. This band of bloggers (and there are too many to list here) are a support network in many ways. Knowing there are other people who do things the way I do, who think the way I do is exhilarating. It's togetherness.

These are some of my favourite reads this year. The tender, the funny, the inspiring, the informative, the beautifully written... all of it. I'll do more of this type of post next year so I can include more from my band of bloggers.

  • The beat of my drum from Maxabella Loves. "Beautiful music is playing within you." I always have danced to my own beat, but it's good to see it written so well in black and white.
  • In pursuit of simple from Inner Pickle. "Turns out there's nothing at all bloody simple about it." So true.
  • Some day from Foxs Lane. "Some day they'll be just down the hill." Just like my mum.
  • High from Typically Red. "... as high as the glass of wine I'm about to pour myself right now." Oh yes.
  • Memo from Che & Fidel. "Please keep yourself fit and healthy. I need you." I need to pin this on my wall.
  • Natural alternatives around the home from The Little Gnome's Home. "Coconut oil is used as sunscreen." Going to try this.
  • The cost of buying supermarket brands is too high from Little Eco Footprints. "... someone is paying..." And paying a very high price.
  • Can ya dig it? from Happiness Stuff and Nonsense. "Love this stuff. It's getting into my veins." My sentiments exactly.
  • Buying plants from This Brown Wren. "... large glass bottles of 'happy cow' milk." I live in Steph's bubble too.
  • Conversation inducing from The Beetle Shack. "... busy hands and a still mind." Collecting seeds, just like mum and I did yesterday with the coriander. My first year collecting my own seeds.

If you like coming to my little place, you'll love reading these posts. It's funny, now that I look at them all together, I see that they sum me up perfectly. I like that.


  1. Thanks for the list, I shall check out the links shortly.

    Happy New Year! x

  2. A kindred spitit if ever I've found one! It's so affirming to find like minded souls treading the same path. May 2013 be grand for you lovely soul :) x
    P.S. And may our bubble indeed become a reality one day :)

  3. Good list! Happy new year. Xx

  4. Such beautiful articles you've chosen Vanessa. I too have loved every moment with these extraordinary women, and your lovely space also. Much love x

  5. LOVE your idea of sharing other bloggers best bits. And thank you for including me :-)

    I've read most of the posts you list - and your list includes some of my favorites too. I like your taste ;-)

  6. Great list you have compiled there! My blog loving list grows longer every day! thanks for sharing!


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