Monday, 19 November 2012

On a brighter note

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. What a beautiful community this is.

We had a very slow weekend – even if I briefly forgot about the time of year and got caught in stifling crowds on a Saturday afternoon (note to council: when you organise your excellent backyard chooks workshop again, please steer clear of shopping centres in the run up to Christmas).

We even booked to go away on a little camping holiday. Somewhere where Luca can finally sleep in a tent under the stars. Somewhere he can watch our very own campfire and toast homemade marshmallows. Somewhere where Sydney can swim in a mountain river and we can hire a canoe and spot the odd platypus. All the fresh air will mean the boys will nod off quickly and sleep soundly, and we can sit by the riverbank with a glass of red...

Who am I kidding? There's no point spinning it. It is what it is. Two nights away with our children. In a tent. Two nights.

Did I mention we're sleeping in the one tent? Or that we're somehow going to divide ourselves up between a double air bed and a single air bed?

The funny thing is I'm almost looking forward to it more than I did our Hunter Valley trip.

What do you think – do we need our heads read?

Now who hasn't entered my giveaway?


  1. Gorgeous pics, and I love the pink lavender! Never seen those before but i do like them.

    PS: I also want to invite you to enter the inHomewares giveaway at my blog. Enter for your chance to win $50 voucher!

  2. Ha! We've been talking family holidays too. Undecided where as yet! I think your camping trip sounds fab, that's how memories are made xx

  3. I love the sound of your cozy camping trip, the boys will love it. xx

  4. ROFL... you had me going there! I thought you might have morphed into one of those 'life is beautiful, my children are perfect, we are nostalgia personified' bloggers. But you came good.

    Hope the camping trip is every bit as amazingly awful as you are hoping it will be. We wouldn't have it any other way. x

  5. hahaha, Love the pictures and I because they are so purty I WAS thinking you were one of those 'life is beautiful, my children are perfect, we are nostalgia personified' bloggers as Maxabella so cleverly put it... until I actually READ it. Phew :)

  6. Good, bad.. who cares! it's time away together in the outdoors, where you can never predict what's going to happen.
    Prue x

  7. I have very fond memories of camping as a child, all five of us in the one tent.... they definitely weren't perfect times but despite not being perfect, they were certainly special. Getting rained out one time and going into a petrol station toilet one at a time to change from drenched clothes to dry ones is a particularly funny memory ... x

  8. I love your positive attitude! Everyone needs to do a camping trip with their kids...once x


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