Friday, 30 December 2011

We're home

Our week in Queensland has come to an end.

It was nice to go away. Be somewhere different. Change of scenery.

It was really good to share the boys — in more ways than one. Great to share their many wonderful moments... and even better to have help at hand when it wasn't so wonderful!

The water was warm, so it was lovely to wade straight in. Graeme and I got to swim alone in the balmy ocean. Bliss.

Luca caught a mud crab with his Opa whom he cuddled up to and delighted with his endless chitter chatter. All. Week.

On Christmas morning, I loved hearing the sound of Luca rushing out at 5.30am to see what Santa and the reindeer got up to, and seconds later to have him breathlessly and madly announce how Santa had eaten the Christmas cake and drank the beer, and how the reindeer had nibbled the carrots and cherries and left a trail of poo on the decking. It was magic.

Then as the rest of the house still slept, the four of us crept onto the balcony and suddenly caught sight of a beautiful rainbow framing the sky. Amazing complete arcs of colour. I'd never seen a rainbow like it.

But days later when our holiday came to an end and as the plane made its descent into Sydney airport, the pilot announced it was ten degrees cooler here. I felt instantly calmer.

And when we all climbed into the car and started heading to the Central Coast, I was happy.

It occurred to me that this was the first time we'd been away for any length of time (from where we live now), so I was watching to see how I would feel.

I couldn't wait to get home. To see our pooch. To see my garden.

I missed just being in my home. Just us. And I couldn't wait to begin stage two of our holiday. At home.

I'll finish this post with a picture I took of a Christmas present from my sister. I love things wrapped in brown paper, and the red and white string finishes it off perfectly.

Simple. Quiet. Tasteful. Unbusy. And it sings to me (unlike everything at Christmas that shouts and screams at you).

Hope you had a lovely Christmas. One that made you sing...


  1. It is nice to get away but so much nicer to be home in your own space and alone together to relax. After a few holidays I find 2 weeks is about my maximum away from home otherwise I get too homesick. Christmas is so special with little ones around, they make the magic come alive don't they:) Enjoy your holidays at home and have a wonderful new year. x

  2. Sounds like a most perfect holiday! I love the picture of Luca with his Opa--such a beautiful moment.

    Happy new year to you and yours,

  3. That is one incredible rainbow. I know what you mean about being happy to be home. We've stayed home our entire christmas holidays and have loved it.

    Good luck with wearing an apron becoming a habit. I giggled at the thought of you wearing one to save yourself frm your messy eating ;-)

  4. Holiday bliss right there Vanessa, beautiful. I'm glad you had a wonderful break.

    Happy New Year!

  5. That rainbow is amazing!

    It's lovely to get that feeling of homecoming - makes you realise you have made a house your 'home'.

  6. It's nice to go away, especially when family are involved but returning home is always bliss. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas x


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