Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy birthday Kian

My gorgeous little boy turned one on Wednesday. Can't quite believe a whole year's gone past.

We celebrated a few days earlier at home over a chocolate butterfly cake...

Luca helping to blow the candle out

Then on the morning of his birthday, we flew to Hervey Bay to spend a week over Christmas with grandparents.

Despite what this photo might suggest, Kian didn't really enjoy the flight...

But he was all smiles later that afternoon...

wearing his new elephant t-shirt

And here's the great bit: Kian decided that he would finally sleep through the night before his birthday, and he has done so ever since!

What on earth is that all about? Did he have that planned all along???

"I will allow you uninterrupted sleep as soon as I turn one, and not a minute sooner"?

Can it really be a coincidence?

Well, it doesn't really matter of course. It's just very funny. Don't you think?

P.S. Just as I predicted, I don't feel any better from not having to feed in the night (not least because I'm getting out of bed to check on him every couple of hours! My body's not used to lying in bed for hours on end at night anymore!)


  1. That cake looks delicious!

    It is quite a shock to the system when baby decides to sleep. I hope you start to enjoy the extra sleep soon!

  2. I spoke too soon Peggy. Only lasted three nights. Oh well!

  3. my love that is AMAZING NEWS about the sleep thing?!!!? Go Kian!!!
    Hope you had a merry xmas -- shall we try to tee up that belated dinner over next couple of weeks? QUICK lets lock it in before I stress myself silly with work again, Im in languish mode and Im sure its not gonna last!! xx Nicole


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