Friday, 9 December 2011

Nigel's roast lamb rolls

I had half a leg of lamb in the fridge waiting to be called dinner, but somehow I couldn't face a proper roast. Too tired for all that peeling and chopping this week.

I turn to the expert on all things tasty and quick. Nigel Slater.

The Kitchen Diaries happens to be in the kitchen so I leaf through and find a recipe written just for me: roast lamb rolls with oregano and garlic.

I've got a thick carpet of oregano so after a quick dash down to the garden to snip herbs and salad leaves, I start pounding the garlic, salt and anchovies in my pestle and mortar. I throw in the oregano (and a little mint) and slowly drizzle in some olive oil till it makes a green slurry. 

I massage it into the lamb, put it to one side for an hour or so (while I do bath and story time) then into the oven it goes.

After a wee bit of resting (not before a little sneaky pick), I slice some fluffy white baps, dab them into the salty, herby goo and pile in tender lamb slices and crisp baby leaves.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

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