Sunday, 18 December 2011

Craft at Christmas

I can't get over how much craft I'm doing lately. I'm discovering a completely different side to me.

I made this set of three felt canvases for my nephew - OK, so Graeme and I did it together.

Love the different textures: paint, felt, buttons. Am planning on doing a similar set for Luca and Kian (if I ever get the time).

What do you think???

Next on the Christmas present list was Luca's teacher. I wanted to make her something very special to say thank you, so I got out some old Christmas/birthday cards, along with magazines and felt.

I painted a large canvas in pale blue, made felt letters, tore up pieces of pretty card, used Luca's butterfly punch and found other bits and pieces in my craft box.

I even found a snail!

Not bad for someone who claims not to have a crafty bone in her body – even if I do say so myself!

I'm really thrilled with how it's turned out... I've got an idea for something similar to hang on the boys' bedrooms now. 

I knew all my bags and boxes of old cards would come in handy eventually!

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  1. That is beautiful. I completely ran out of time for teacher gifts - will have to do New Year cards and gifts instead. He moves up a room in Jan so it might be farewell presents combined.

    Funny about your mum's old Chef. Yeah, going to book mine if for a service of something after Christmas. See what they can do!


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