Thursday, 3 November 2011

What am I doing wrong?

Why is it my children have two personalities? One personality around me, and an entirely different one with everyone else.

I know a lot of kids are like this, where they behave like smiley, angelic, cooperative little darlings with grandparents and at preschool etc, and then the minute they catch sight of you throw a wobbly, start whinging, and get top marks for truly outrageous brattish behaviour.

This has been happening for as long as I can remember, but there's more.

With Michelle, his teacher, Luca produces the most beautiful artworks. And before you say anything, no he doesn't get any help. I'm assured that they're all his doing – he even comes up with the concepts. Michelle says it's lovely watching him at work, creating very considered drawings.
Luca says this is a drawing of Daddy with a goatee - I love this one
His father's day creation: fishing with Daddy on the water

I love them all and they hang throughout the house for us all to see. 

Trouble is, I'm jealous. His talents, it seems, shy away whenever I'm around.

You see at home, I'm lucky if I can get him to do anything on paper, much less anything considered. It always starts the same: I ask if he'd like to do some drawing, we get out paper and an assortment of drawing implements along with exciting stationery bits such as paper punches and animal stamps (that I bought recently for me Luca). I sit with him, and there's never ever any pressure from me. I'm happy for him to just doodle.

But, typically, he'll start drawing on the table, throwing pens across the room, asking me to draw something because 'he can't', some huffing and puffing, followed by sulkily leaving the table.

Playdough's the same: Mummy, make an elephant. Mummy, make a snowman. And when I start suggesting he make something too, or we do it together, he decides it's game over. Then starts the battle of getting him to pack the mess away (oh dear God, why do I bother?!).

Apparently though, he thoroughly enjoys Playdough with Michelle. Oh, and mushrooms. Won't go near them at home. Ever. Thinks they're revolting. But when Michelle asked what Luca would like to put on top of his pizza one afternoon, he chose mushrooms. And gobbled them all up! What the hell is that about?!

Can anyone relate to this? Is this just a case of a wonderful teacher who brings out the best in my son, or am I lacking some basic parenting skills?


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