Thursday, 2 August 2012

Thursday Garden Journal

Lots of questions this week. This is the answer to one of them today. A perfect reminder of why I started this blog. It's a journal. A special journal that frees it all up, gets it all out and lifts me when I'm feeling a bit bleak.

I just look at that dandelion globe and I'm amazed how much it actually does lift me.

(I'm starting to think a bit more about my photos. Graeme's always giving me tips, but why is it we don't listen to the ones closest to us? I had Jodi's 'rule of thirds' in mind when I took this picture. 'That's what I've been telling you'... Sorry honey. I'll try and listen to you more.)

I love it. Regardless of whether I've nailed the thirds thing. Have I?

Tonight, I made pizza. I picked watercress, spinach, oak leaf lettuce and cos for a salad. This is where it all comes from.

Mandarins. Some rotting. Some rock hard.

Hydrangea. Tormenting.

 Celery. Fingers crossed.

A side-of-the-road basket. Beetroot seedlings.

Luca's peas and snowpeas. String and bamboo.

Strawberry flowers. Cobweb.

Mint for me. Chilli for Graeme.

Leeks slowly fattening up. Two wheelbarrows. I say not enough. 
Someone says two wheelbarrows too much. 


  1. Your dandelion is lovely. And there can never be enough leeks. x

  2. I think two barrows full is great.... what a lovely chutney you could cook with all those leeks. Your mandarin tree is indeed inspiring - I hope my little transplanted number grows well in its new soil! Thanks for joining in! xx Rach

  3. Your garden looks gorgeous!
    My chillie plants didn't cope very well over winter, the leaves all died off, do you know if they will come back? The branches are still green...?

    1. Well, ours looked the same until very recently. Suddenly the stem and some of the branches started turning green when I thought it was the end of them. And now quite a bit of bushy leaf growth. I'd say if there's some green, then there's life still there. Can't believe I'm giving gardening advice. If you knew me, you'd be laughing too. I only started gardening properly earlier this year!

  4. Love all your images but that first one is divine!

  5. Oh I am sooo envious of your sunshine! Today is the first sunny day we've had here in a week... and the first day the temp has made it to double figures! Our peas have just poked up so we're hoping for some more sunshine so we can really get things going!

  6. your garden is awesome, inspiring! we just set ours up over the weekend, i'm exciting in such a silly way. oh, hello, i'm sarah, i found you commenting at greer's. it's lovely to find you :)

  7. i've just been perusing- you're a coastie? me too! where's the 'follow' button, sister?

    1. I've just put a follow button up there. Just for you!


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