Friday, 17 August 2012

Grateful for little surprises

I woke up with a spring in my step today. The strawberries are turning red. I've got enough kale to have juice every day and I'm excited about getting one of my beds ready for tomatoes and basil.

It's Friday and Graeme's working from home. To give him a little peace and quiet, the three of us spent a very blustery morning on the sand, driving first to buy some chicken poo and poke little hands at a rabbit for sale. (Yes, Luca, I know Mummy bought a fabulous rabbit hutch for next to nothing in a garage sale, but this rabbit's not coming home with us. Not today.)

Usually, when we go out, the cat-and-dog antics come with us. But not today. There was no fighting over the biggest bucket or the spade with the better handle. Kian filled and Luca picked clusters of weeds and gave them a new home. Look at my collection, he said.

They walked along walls and jumped, and said hello to passing strangers. Sydney scavenged like she does. When it was time to come home, I prepared myself for all the fuss. There was none. Was it because Daddy was home?

Then I took delivery of some mushroom compost and chatted with the mushroom grower on my driveway. We talked about my broccoli and he told me how to give the mandarin tree a bit of love and attention. 

It wasn't just the fact I've now got everything I need to layer my no-dig garden bed, but it was how the compost had mushrooms sprouting all over it. I rushed upstairs to show the boys what came with the compost. The reaction I got was great, but they're still mushrooms.  

Oh well. Luca picked thyme for me and I made mushrooms on toast for my lunch and sat down properly with a knife and fork. (Another little surprise given I usually wolf something down as I ferry food and drink to the table and mop drinks off the floor.) 

Maybe everyone's in good form because my brother arrives on Sunday. We see parents, brothers and sisters once a year usually, but I haven't seen my brother in two years. So he's never actually met Kian. I can't wait.

I'm joining other lovely grateful people at Maxabella loves.

Did you know I'm giving away a cookery book?


  1. Your world sounds like it's full of good things right now. Have fun with your brother!

    rachel xo

  2. Fresh mushies for lunch is definitely something to be grateful for
    Enjoy your brother's visit

  3. A good day indeed. Enjoy the visit. Special times x

  4. Stop looking for weird reasons your kids were so gorgeous on their outing- it's you! It's all the hard work you put in when they are finding it difficult, paying off. Enjoy! I had a similar moment last night, meeting friends for dinner at a pub which we haven't done in ages. Our kids were a delight, and I was in shock and then realised, we need a little pat on the back for that. And those mushies look awesome! Will have to check out your supplier. Have an ace day :)sarah

  5. May be its the fesh air and all the richness that surrounds you having a lovely space to grow your own food. Sounds so nice. How exciting meeting kian.

  6. How good does it feel when you see your veggie garden growing let alone picking it! And a mandarin tree that's awesome!

    Visiting via village voices

    Steph :)

  7. That sounds absolutely divine. Fresh air, food, and the excitement of special visitors. I hope you have a lovely time.


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