Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Right up to the moon

Usually when the boys are eating their dinner I look out and realise the washing is still outside. Do I bring it in damp or do I leave it out till the morning? There were three loads out there tonight, so I didn't risk it.

I donned my peg apron and I stepped outside. I was expecting chilly, but the air was warm and the night sky was beautiful.

The boys joined me and played on the decking while I unpegged.

Look at the moon, Mummy.

And those three stars. They look like a triangle.

It never looks like this in the city, Mummy.

It sounded so lovely coming from his lips that I asked him to repeat that last one. 

I vaguely remember saying something like this to Luca a very long time ago. It always amazes me the way he stores things away.

As I attempted to shut the bathroom door and have a quiet pee, he sneaked in and we played 'I love you right up to the...'.

But I love you right up to the moon. And to the stars. And across the sea. And the faraway land. And right to Grandma's house.

I could have stayed out there for hours. It was warm enough to sit out with a glass of wine, but not hot enough for all the bugs to come out and play. 

Now to fold those three loads...

Only a few more days left on this giveaway...


  1. oh that's lovely. not the washing though. just folded two, another two to go, two more to hang out in the morning. i wish i knew where it came from! and...peg apron- awesome! guess what i'll be stitching tomorrow? :)sarah

  2. Grace and I play 'I love you to the...' as well. And I often forget my washing until I realize it's become too damp again to bring in and so often I have to wait until the morning :)


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