Monday, 30 July 2012


Everyone we talk to says it's been long and cold.

I say it's glorious.

What say you? Tell me I'm not alone.

I also say I need to pay closer attention to my son's fringe when I'm cutting it.


  1. It has been very cold here but I don't mind rugging up. I prefer the cooler weather to the hot weather of Summer.

  2. I too think it's been glorious. Mostly ;)

  3. Too be honest, I don't mind the cold so long as I'm rugged up. It's definitely been chilly over here in Perth. However, the odd day of sunshine here and there has been glorious too :) The only thing I dislike about this season are the colds and flus! x

  4. I've been loving the weather but we just got our power bill the other day and maybe it has been a little bit too cold because I must've had the heaters on constantly!!

  5. Hi Vanessa! Thanks for checking out my blog and for your encouraging comments!
    Thought I'd have a peak at your blog in return and am glad I did! Beautiful photos, beautiful kids, beautiful take on life




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