Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fleeting moments

There are moments that I just want to freeze. Or maybe what I mean is I'd love them to last a little longer than a few moments.

When they play on the trampoline as they do every morning and afternoon and all I can hear as I'm pegging washing is Kian's giggle and Luca making him laugh.

Or when Kian falls over and Luca takes on the role of carer and passes him a muslin and tells him it's OK.

Luca has taught him how to play hide and seek and I don't know if Kian understands 'it's my turn to hide', but they work it out somehow.

They chase each other down the hallway (what would we do without a hallway???) and then fall in a heap on each other.

But they're all just fleeting moments, before it all comes crashing down.

I don't like conflict – that's my trouble, so when I get moments like this, I stop what I'm doing and watch. That's usually when it all goes to pot.

I know parenting isn't a stroll in the park, and I imagine, like any other journey, it probably has something to teach us.

But, really, does it have to teach us every. single. hour. of. every. single. bloody. day? Can we not just schedule the lessons say once a fortnight or so? Once a week? Then you see, I can deal with my conflict issues in an appropriate manner and have time to think about what I might do to prepare for the next lesson?

Gosh, wouldn't that be nice. Don't you think?


  1. Sounds wonderful!! I would especially like the reflective time we could have between challenging parenting moments, you know, so we could hone our skills and be all prepared for the next one! If only! Sounds like your two boys have a great relationship, even tho it's hard to watch when they turn on each other. My youngest boy keeps picking fights and hitting his brother and is then sooooo shocked when he gets a hit back!?? Hello? I'm trying to tell you that will happen! Don't hit him first! So frustrating! Their tender moments are few and far between but you've inspired me to look out for times when they're playing nice and soak it all up!!

  2. oh my. the arguing. i figure it's set in here for at least twelve years, so i'm working on how to tune out the inevitable 'muuuuu-uuuum! he's got my/ took my/ kicked me'. i suppose they will be sullen, silent teenagers soon enough, right?! ;)sarah

  3. I think you're right; it's best to enjoy those moments while they last. I don't have kids but I can still remember how we used to be growing up... Friends at one point and then fighting the next. The good thing is that we ended being friends...:)


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