Sunday, 28 October 2012

Finding home

We're bringing up our children the way we want to. We're growing, catching, making and trying to do it all slowly and calmly away from all the madness.

It's not always easy. But it feels right.

I can't imagine living anywhere else now. And to think that over a year ago it was a stormy mess. It hasn't all fitted into place yet, but those clicks are happening all the time. We're living purposefully.

We're in the right place now.

And if it wasn't for Graeme suggesting we move here, I probably wouldn't be writing these words. So I'm very grateful to my husband for moving us here at a time when I'd almost given up.

I'm happy. 

(I wonder if this has anything to do with Graeme and I going away for three nights next week. On. Our. Own! What do you think? Or maybe it's because mum's coming for Christmas and spending all of January with us.)

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  1. To be that certain that you are 'home' is just so marvellous, Vanessa. There is such peace in your words. x

  2. slow and calm...sounds so simple but it really requires so much more of us! i am loving it, too, though. :)sarah ps. am heading up to check out FIG this week:)

  3. Hoping you have a lovely trip just you two. Something I would love to do one day but hasn't happened in the past decade! I don't think it can be underestimated just how important home is both to yourselves and your kids. So glad you've found the right place.

  4. Your photos and your words are absolutely lovely, and they truly exude happiness! What a beautiful blog you have!
    -Wendy from BYW

  5. Such beautiful photos! I think absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder, and a break away from children (or even just the thought of a break) can make you feel so appreicative of the wonder and happiness that they bring you every day.

  6. I know that sense of dislocation, so glad you have found home. Me too now, I love my house and the home it is for us. And three nights away - fantabulous! Very refreshing.


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