Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A wee bit of craft on Valentine's

Graeme and I don't really do anything for Valentine's, but when I saw this tutorial from Mini Eco, I couldn't resist. Especially as I now have my very own cutting mat and craft knife!

It took me exactly 15 minutes, and that's including printing the templates and making the envelope. I just used coloured paper, but card would probably feel nicer.

Isn't it cool?! I hid the envelope amongst some napkins in Graeme's lunch this morning. Though he did think it was a tad strange seeing as I've never included a napkin in his lunch before!

If you haven't already been over to Mini Eco, go have a look. It's one of my favourite sites. (I think most of my Pinterest craft pins are from here!). We've already made Kate's bongo/shaker, and here are my next projects.  

Bird feeder with cute little perch

Very excited about this one for Luca's 4th birthday

Do you make a big deal about Valentine's? Are you tempted to whip up a pixelated pop-up card before someone comes home??

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  1. We don't really 'do' anything for Valentine's Day - but my lovely Fireman did run across the road while we were waiting for our coffees and get me a box of choc coated coffee beans. He ate most of them - but it's the thought that counts, right?

    The best present was the one W bought home from kinder - "I love you forever!". xx

    I love that paper garland - what a fun and easy way to add some colour. :D


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