Monday, 20 February 2012

Stormy nights and bright days

Luca and I were reading Duck in the Truck last night. At the end of it, he asked 'can I go and play in the mud?'. I promised that next time we had some rain, we'd go out looking for some mud.

Later in the night, the heavens opened. A big thunderstorm.

But you wouldn't know it this morning. We woke up to stillness, lots of pale blue and chirpy birds.

So I knew what we were doing. No point Luca getting out of his breakfast-stained t-shirt. He was going to get very dirty.

Luca wanted Kian to join him, but I couldn't face two muddy children. 'But why not? He's walking now, Mummy!'. Yes, he's walking. But he's not up to jumping just yet. He would have ended up with his face planted in the squelchy mud. 

A stormy night and a bright day. A great combination. And I'm very grateful for their timing.

On the subject of walking, I anticipated it being less exciting the second time around. But Graeme and I reacted just the same. Plus this time, there was an extra pair of hands clapping and cheering on. 

Here's one of my favourite shots of Kian a few days after he started walking. I was trying to get a picture of him walking towards me. But this was so much better. One of my best Point + Shoot.


  1. What a lovely mama you are letting Luca play in the mud - I've decided to do more spontaneous things like that with Grace this year and to ignore the mess and dirt. What a cute photo of Kian's first steps :) Hope you have a great start to the week x

  2. That's a gorgeous photo of Kian walking!

    Luca looks like he is having a great time - good of you to let him do it despite knowing the mess you would have to clean up! xx

  3. You are far braver than I! We did finger painting today. It lasted about three minutes and they were all marched into the kitchen to be washed down. Perhaps we will try mud soon...there's plenty of it here with all this rain.

  4. Such fun! I'm all for a bit of mud. Getting down in the mud seems like a good life! x

  5. I love that you thought mud puddle jumping following the rain :) These simple pleasures are what childhood really is all about!


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