Monday, 13 February 2012

Childhood music

Might seem like a bit of a departure for me to be writing about a pop singer, but Whitney's music was a big part of my childhood.

Mum would always have the radio on, and if it wasn't the radio, it would be one of the cassettes playing sent over from my uncle in England. Elton John, Phil Collins, UB40 and Whitney Houston were always singing in our home.

I only have to hear I Wanna Dance with Somebody or Where Do Broken Hearts Go and I'm ten again. Mum's in the kitchen dressed in a yellow galabeya (kaftan) and the three of us are playing 'house' or 'shops'. A hot breeze is blowing through the thick velvet blue curtains in the lounge.

Happy times playing with my sister and brother. Sitting on the balcony eating yoghurt and fruit with my mum after sunset.

It's amazing how a song can immerse us completely in a moment.

I write this and I'm still not sure why I'm feeling a little sad. Is it because the music is a reminder that life passes by so quickly? That we all grow up so fast?

I felt the same with Michael Jackson in 2009. Billie Jean always takes me back to sitting in the back of the car in Kuwait. I see Hardee's (fast-food chain in the Middle East) and I see the Kuwait Towers.

Or is it because the music's a reminder we were all together then, and we're not now? Maybe that's it.

Anyway, mum flies over in just over two weeks' time, and staying for a whole month. So, no reason to feel sad. Just very excited. And then we can bop together to How Will I Know.

I know Luca will join in.

Was Whitney singing when you were a child? What other music takes you back?


  1. Whitney was singing was I was a child, my Mum used to play her 'records' all the time and UB40 I loved them too. I was one of those teenagers who would sit and watch video hits on a Saturday morning, they were fun day. I think it's very sad that she has passed leaving behind her daughter. It sounds like you've definitely got something to look forward to with your Mum visiting too, how nice for all of you to see her soon. x

  2. Whitney and Michael were favourites of mine too! I still love to dance to them..especially Whitney. Mum used to listen to eurythmics and the pretenders and dad is a huge rolling stones fan, so hearing these takes me back to my childhood. My sister in law gets married in a couple of weeks, and she loves dancing to Whitney too, so no doubt there'll be plenty of her songs lined up on the playlist. Have fun dancing with your mum when she arrives x

  3. How exciting to be seeing your mum so soon. xx

    Whitney remind me of primary school - I think one of her songs was the first song my friends and I made up a dance for and performed for the class. :D

  4. I listened to Whitney at home alot and I will never forget her songs playing over at school dances in the 80s. us all bopping along in our ruffle skirts and wide elastic belts - what were we thinking! i am sure your mum can't wait to get here too. it must be hard living so far away. hope you are liking it here - you actually don't live far from me! xo.


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