Sunday, 29 January 2012

Chance encounters

This was supposed to be last week's grateful post, but it looks like I've missed a week.

I've been meaning to write this for a while, but it just hasn't happened. I won't be a slave to my blog, I keep reminding myself. I won't let it become a chore, or something on my to-do list, because then it won't be a creative outlet anymore.

Anyway, chance encounters... That's what's been on my mind.

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It's funny how life can change, or take on an entirely different quality because of a chance encounter.

I've always been grateful for meeting the friend of a friend years ago who insisted I come out to Australia on a working holiday visa and stay with him in Sydney. I did, and it led me to my husband.

And more recently, I bumped into another mum at the library whom I'd only met once before. Fast forward a few months and out of the blue, she emailed me to ask if I'd like to join a group of mums for an exercise class with a personal trainer. It just so happened to be organised on the day that I have to myself, so I jumped at the chance. How else am I going to shift 10kg??

And what a difference it's made to my week. Not only am I training with other mums, doing things I've never done before like boxing, but we're exercising outdoors – and the setting is pretty spectacular. It's a house on several acres with amazing views, so it's unlike any other fitness class I've done.

All from a chance meeting...

And this week, in particular, I'm grateful for having come across family daycare. If it wasn't for a colleague of Graeme's, we wouldn't have found someone I completely trust with my children.

For the first time, I decided that Luca and I could do with some time together on our own, without the koala.

Normally I might have felt sad that, unlike other families we know, I don't have my mum nearby to help out, or my sister, or anyone else in the family.

Instead, I just felt grateful. Grateful that I had someone whom I was happy to leave Kian with for a few hours where he could play and paint, be sung to and read to.

Grateful that I didn't need to feel any guilt (hell knows there's plenty of that!). Because he was happy, and Luca..., well, he was a very smiley little boy that day.

We went for a walk, baked jammy biscuits, made a bongo/shaker, pottered in the garden and we talked. No rushing off to change nappies, no 'I'm listening Luca but I need to sort Kian out'. My attention was all his.

All thanks to that encounter.


  1. It's lovely to spend some one on one time with them isn't it. It's so peaceful and easy with just one - they have less need to act out for your attention and they just relish the time spent together.

    Glad you found someone lovely to look after him and glad you are also finding some time for yourself. That personal training group sounds fantastic.

  2. What a special mum you are, Vanessa. x

  3. Your personal training group sounds wonderful - the exact thing that I need to find somehow in order to get fit :)

  4. It sounds like lots of wonderful things have been happening for you and your family, that you've taken those opportunities and turned them into such a positive. What a lovely time you and your little boy had, one on one time is so special to have. I hope you are having a good week. x

    1. Thank you Catherine. You're right, one-on-one time is very important.

  5. good on YOU, that all sounds lovely.... esp the personal trainer thing! Yummy mummy!! Now, we must plan those sewing lessons so you are channeling your inner Martha in no time...... x

    1. Well, you can still join us, you know, if you happen to be child-free on Wednesday mornings!


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