Sunday, 8 January 2012

52 weeks of Grateful - week one

I'm joining in all the community fun with the 52 weeks of Grateful over at Maxabella loves. How nice is it to remind ourselves to be more grateful, more often?

This week I'm grateful for my garden and the little moments of joy it brings.

I have so much to learn and I've already made quite a few mistakes (mainly through being so damn impatient), but it's been a very good start.

It's not easy finding the time to plant seedlings with a little one whose idea of fun is to pull, yank and grab anything in sight. So I've done things in a hurry when he's gone to bed – feeling heavy on my feet with daylight fading fast at the end of a day (and the mozzies out to play) have meant that I've shoved seedlings in rather than take the time to thin them out.

Hardier herbs, like the rosemary and thyme, should have gone into pots in hindsight to make room for more lettuces and carrots.

But really, none of that matters, because what is important is that I am growing something and teaching the boys at the same time. It's wonderful to see Luca rush out there three times a day to check for ripe fruit, and then scream and shout at the tiniest red strawberry. Simple fun.

No wonder all his white tees are a mess

Our knobbly, gnarled beauties

I'm grateful for knobbly carrots, rare strawberries that Graeme and I have never tasted, speckled leaves and peculiar courgettes.

I'm also very very grateful for our tomatoes that have started ripening beautifully over the last week. Fortunately I do get to try one or two.

What I'm truly grateful for, though, is finding something else that Luca and I enjoy doing together. Pottering in the garden with him is as rewarding and pleasurable as reading and talking to him. Because I'll be honest, I'm not very good at playing on the floor. I get bored and it feels quite forced on my part. I'm no good at pretending to be T-Rex, and my heart sinks when I hear the words hide-and-seek. 

Of course, then I just feel guilty, because everyone says you must play play play with your child. On the floor. At least 20 minutes per day.

Rather, I take comfort from knowing that I love to read to him. We do singing, silly dancing and craft, and we talk lots. Anyway, Daddy does floor play and muck-about play best. 

So there's my first grateful for the year.

How do you feel about floor play? 


  1. I think gardening, crafting, dancing, talking and reading is plenty! Leave the floor play to daddy I say. :D

    I think it's wise to work to your strengths - My husband doesn't enjoy doing craft and writing with the boys, but I find it lots of fun. I get bored with the park, but husband loves doing that.

  2. I love floor play, that is until I'm held in a head by one child and can barely breath and the other is climbing on me trying pull my lips off... :)

  3. I tink Luca is doing just fine! Look at that adorable big smile and what child wouldn't love pottering with his mum in that delicious patch? I've always wanted a veggie patch, but alas it's one thing that time doesn't permit around here.

    It's lovely to see a new grateful perspective, Vanessa. x

  4. I think pottering in the garden is one of the best ways you can 'play' with your child. Grace loves being outdoors and takes great delight in the tomatoes we're growing, checking them every day to see if they've turned red or are still green. And all the things you enjoy doing like reading, crafting etc. are all play to me :) Your garden looks divine - so much lush produce, how wonderful! x


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