Friday, 30 September 2011

Today I wish for...

  • A bigger kitchen with two dishwashers. Actually, if I'm being honest, three dishwashers would do very nicely. That way, I never have to put anything away. Just fill, and use from the dishwasher (the way I do now).

Southern Exposure
  • Self-cleaning floors. They make self-cleaning ovens, why not floors? Three times a day please.
  • Someone to come and fill those three dishwashers with what I've got on my benches right now, and cook my husband and I a lovely meal tonight. 

P.S. OOoh, just thought of something else. My very own gardener, like the one Jamie Oliver had on his programme, Jamie at Home. I would love my very own patch of organic fruit and vegetables, but I want someone else to do all the hard work. I'll do all the hard work in the kitchen...

you know... once all the dirty dishes have gone...

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