Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A dig at Jamie

Woke up this morning seriously regretting that takeaway last night. I drove around and liked the look of a small funky Thai noodle bar and restaurant. All the usual suspects on the menu. We played it safe with Pad Thai.

Or so we thought.

A greasy, icky-sweet meal.

I regret it, because aside from it being crappy food, I actually had the makings of a half-decent dinner in the fridge. Some goat's cheese, a few fresh herbs, portobello mushrooms... And I probably could have rustled something up in less than half an hour.

But, see, I didn't.

This is my issue with the likes of Jamie's 30-minute meals. Yes, Jamie, I too can cook (muster the energy) and have a dish on the table in minutes.

But. Jamie. Does your kitchen look like this when your kids are finally in bed and it's time to start cooking all over again?

No, I didn't leave the drawer open to make photo look worse; I have a bad habit of leaving cupboard doors and drawers open ALL the time!

Well, does it????!!!!  

No. Didn't think so. If it did, you'd grab your car keys and do what I did last night.

It's very easy to be inspired to cook when you have a super duper slick tidy kitchen with gorgeous materials and acres of bench space.

I think the challenge for Jamie, and all the others who bang on about how it's quicker to cook than go out and order something (yes we know, we're not stupid!), is to do it when there are no clean chopping boards, when every saucepan is soaking somewhere in the kitchen, when the dishwasher is already full, and when you've done all the stacking you can possibly do without risking the whole lot smashing on the floor.

Can't be bothered? Hmmmm.

There. I feel better now.


P.S. Forgot to say that Russell (you know, that most unwelcome house guest we had living here for a while who pooped and made it look like the work of fifty mice) was found in my potato drawer one night. Lucky for him, Graeme took the whole cabinet outside and set him free. BUT, he won't be lucky next time...

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