Monday, 12 September 2011

Something to make you chuckle

I'm quite certain now that all this broken sleep for the past eight months has left me a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock.

I'll tell you why.

In brief, when our hairdresser came round the other evening, I decided I wanted a real change. I used to have a fringe when I was younger, but then I had much straighter hair.

I seem to have forgotten this entirely.

And because I see Luca's dead-straight hair all day every day, I have somehow deluded myself into thinking we have similar hair and that I could have a fringe like his.

I had a fringe like this in mind.

Instead, I have ended up with this.

A Hideous. Frizzy. Mess.

Even the birds are giving it a wide berth.

Why, oh why, didn't I listen to the hairdresser? She warned me it wouldn't be a thick fringe. She warned me that I would have to train it. And deep down I knew she was right.

But I tried to convince myself that a) I'm not too lazy to blow-dry a few strands of hair every morning, b) I have a thick, glossy mane of hair and c) I actually care what I look like.

Now, I've got to wait for it to grow out.


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