Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday (kind of)

OK, the wordless part might take some practice from me. C'mon, have you seen how lengthy my posts are??

So, I'll at least keep it very short.

Graeme stumbled across this gorgeous bush area at the weekend when he took the boys and Sydney for a walk. I had just been saying the day before how I miss parks in England. We don't do much on the National Park front over here because you can't take dogs. So, we don't get to roam and roll amongst grass and trees.

Now I feel another box has been ticked, because look what is five minutes' walk away from the house!

It's right by the lagoon so Sydney will love it in the summer. Hey, she already loves it now. It's calm, it's serene and so far we're the only ones there.

And Luca, bless him, thinks it's Gruffalo territory... can we go to the deep dark wood again, Mummy?

I'd better stop now, or it'll be wordy Wednesday. I'll try harder next week.



  1. Looks like a gorgeous spot for a bushwalk. Thanks for your comment on my freezer meals post, I appreciate your advice and will be sure to check out the BBC link x

  2. There's a bbq table down there, off to the left before you get to the deep dark wood, might be nice for summer too.

  3. this looks so peaceful , where is it?


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