Saturday, 27 August 2011

An indulgent weekend

Been feeling quite flat lately. Bit homesick I suppose – as much as I love living here, sometimes I just long to see an old friend, and not have to try so hard. Or to give my mum a hug. I try not to think about the fact we're starting from scratch, setting up a support network around us all over again, but sometimes it hits me that it IS just us.... for the moment at least.

So when I'm feeling like this, I need a treat. I buy a couple of magazines. I borrow Maggie's Harvest from the library and then I go shopping. Food shopping. There's lots to choose from at the fish counter this week.

You wouldn't believe this is a supermarket fish counter

I'm not a fan of Australian supermarkets on the whole

... but this is one impressive fish counter

I spend more than I should and buy four beautiful blue swimmer crabs, two large squid and a nice handful of Australian banana prawns. I'm already feeling better. 

I pass the gourmet cheese counter and see some Persian Fetta from the Yarra Valley Dairy – reduced in price by over two-thirds. Has to be eaten the next day.

Are you kidding? It didn't even make it to the fridge. As soon as I got home (I mean AS SOON AS), I open the shiny silver tin and just eat with a spoon. It's creamy, it's rich and it's lunch. Who's homesick?

The three of us devour the crab for lunch on Saturday, with some buttered home-made bread. Graeme cooks a simple pasta and prawn dish for dinner, and we have salt and pepper squid on Sunday.

Luca enjoyed sucking the meat out of the legs
Now I just need to stay awake long enough in the evenings to read through my library book. I love Maggie Beer. Ever since I was invited to spend an afternoon with her at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond five years ago. Amazing food and amazing company, that day.

Oh, I miss my job.


P.S. I'm reading a lot about the wonderful food and wine in the Yarra Valley. It's actually on my list of places to visit. Is there anyone there with a lovely farmhouse perhaps who'd like a holiday house swap on the Central Coast?


  1. After seeing this post I decided to take a longer look at the fish counter yesterday while doing to semi weekly shop and bought some mussels which had come from Sydney Fish Market. We had them for dinner last night with some crusty bread yum!

  2. I would have said yum too a few years back, but Graeme and I were very ill during our honeymoon from eating mussels and I haven't eaten them since. There ain't much I won't eat, but I stay well clear of mussels. Just the smell takes me back!


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