Friday, 19 August 2011

A new discovery

It was one of those days.

Actually, it was a lot worse. I'd been up all night, so Graeme decided to stay home. Then as I cheered up at the prospect of Daddy's helping hands especially at the doctor's later that morning, he got called in. Great.

I took the boys to the doctor's and after I get told to sort Kian's sleep out (like I haven't tried everything), the doctor tells me BOTH of Luca's grommets have fallen out and that he may need the surgery again. Joy.

Then it's jab time. I leave the surgery with Kian sobbing in my arms and Luca playing up. I'm struggling to get Kian into his car seat, so I put my purse, his blue book (red book for folks back home) and other bits and pieces on the roof of the car while I sort the boys out.

Yep, you guessed it. I drove straight off. Relieved to be back at home, I start feeding them their lunch when I get the call that someone has found my sorry-looking purse on the main road.

So we dash out again, food all over their faces and clothes, hoping against hope that I can find Kian's blue book.

A very kind man saw the contents of my purse on a very busy two-lane road and gathered up what he could – all pretty worthless reward card stuff, all important cards had gone. Dammit. God knows how he didn't get run over. He took it into the doctor's surgery and even returned the cash and my lottery ticket.

I walked and drove up the road to look for Kian's book, but it had gone too. I was quite upset at the time to lose all the notes from his check-ups, plus stuff from hospital and home visits. But I guess it'll be one of those stories I tell him when he's older. It won't matter then...

Anyhow, my purse had clearly been run over a few times, so I needed a new one. Thanks to some of the blogs I've been reading, I'd discovered this site called Etsy. Don't ask me why I haven't come across it before now, but it's an absolute godsend if, like me, you try and avoid buying most of the crap in the shops.

So this is what I got from Melbourne-based Mishmash Designs. Pretty cool, huh? Especially if you love chocolate brown and elephants!

It certainly did the job of cheering me up after that hideous day. 

There's some great stuff on the site. Very handy that you can choose the country you live in, and their Taste Test is fun to do too.

Am I preaching to the converted?


P.S. Funny thing is that lottery ticket won me $11. First time I've ever won. If you're reading this, kind man, I would have traced you and made your day had I won big time, but I didn't think it was worth it for a share of $11...

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  1. Oh no, what a day!! What a pain about your purse, but how nice that man returned it. Maybe someone will return your son's record book too.

    I remember when I first discovered Etsy, it was like Christmas. SO much to discover!! I wanted to spend every minute browsing on there :) I've got some great buys from there over the years, your wallet is very cool.


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