Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A visit to 'the dinosaur show' plus a GIVEAWAY!

It had been building up for weeks. Or rather, Luca had. It's all he talked about.

In Luca's words: we're going to the dinosaur show!

And that's where we went one very sunny June day. To the Australian Museum in Sydney for the Dinosaurs Exhibition

He was excited.

Madly excited.

Once he'd calmed down a little and saw some familiar faces, we explored.

The usual suspects were there, but his favourite on the day was the Minmi, a small armoured four-legged dinosaur.

Anything hatching out of eggs has always got Luca's attention, so he was straight over to the baby dinosaurs.

The design-o-saurus was a huge hit. Luca created several kooky dinosaurs on screen before trying his hand at a bit of palaeontology.

We were having just as much fun.

Once we were dinosaured out, we checked out some modern-day reptiles, a few dangerous animals and ended our museum visit with some hermit crabs. Another big hit. (Especially with me!)

All very hungry work and we were all in the mood for sushi. We discovered a sushi train literally around the corner.

'We're going on a sushi train!' was what he shouted beforehand.

'We went on a sushi train' is what he's since told dozens of people about our day out.

Because we're still talking about it almost two weeks later.

Photos from the exhibition were taken into preschool and from that sparked several dinosaur-related activities during the day (I love how genuine they are about child-led and spontaneous play).

The whole thing made me realise that days out needn't be tiring, draining affairs centred solely around the children. It helped enormously, of course, that Kian was having his fun elsewhere that day.

I had so much fun. Doing the dinosaur thing, playing dinosaur songs in the car on the way down there, walking through a park and pointing out all the skyscrapers that Mummy used to work in.

What was THE most fun was sitting at a sushi bar with my son. And enjoying it.

Food and family. Does it for me every time.

I'm not paid for this post and all opinions are mine alone, but I do have a rather juicy family ticket to the Australian Museum to give away!

The ticket is for two adults and two children.

Just leave a comment below to enter, along with your email address. I'll pick an entry with the random thingymajig one week from today.

And make sure you've subscribed, because you'll want to hear about my next giveaway. It's a good one. A foodie one.

P.S. In case you're wondering if you can enter my giveaway... Anyone can enter. If you're reading this, you can enter. 

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Tricia. Thank you to everyone else who commented and entered.


  1. We'd absolutely love to win this! Fingers crossed. From a fellow central coastian x

  2. this sounds like such a wonderful day, vanessa! my biggest boy loves his dinosaurs too, he would have a ball - if only we didn't live in melbourne! ha. I am planning some day trips for the holidays, sometimes I find it just too hard for a whole day out with the three smalls and just me, but I have been wanting to put all that aside and just enjoy, and you've just given me some more inspiration! x

  3. We've never been to the Australian Museum- although always planned to get there one day! The kids would love the dinosaurs.


  4. Tricia Franklin29 June 2012 at 08:08

    What a special day Vanessa! Thank you for giving us a glimpse of it and your gorgeous family. I think it's lovely that you made the day an outing for you and Luca, we tend to drag all of ours wherever we go, but I think they'd love an outing just with Mum & Dad!x

  5. I have a nearly five-year-old who has been asking to be taken back to the "dinosaur museum". I didn't know they had a dinosaur exhibition on at the moment. Might have to add it to next week's Big Birthday Day In Sydney itinerary x


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