Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Celebrating 100

I've reached 100 posts.

Can't believe it's been a year since I began my little blog!

I started Finding that place called Home as a way of recording family life. I'm only one year in, but I'm already thinking about where I want to take it.

I've written about family, our home and early childhood. I've also shared my gardening journey and what it will mean to me to have an abundant kitchen garden. I still want to write about all these things, because they are my life. Every day.

But I want to set the tone as it becomes clearer in my mind. The same purpose I had when I landed that job at the BBC feels like it should be the same purpose here.

To share my joy of food. To uncover great food.

Food and people.

So really it's still the same. Family. Like-minded souls. Kindred spirits. Around a table.

In case you've just joined me (welcome, by the way!), here are 100 moments from the past year.

I hope you'll join me for the next 100.

My technical advisor (aka my handsome spearfisherman) has just informed me that my rss button has been going to the wrong link. So that might be why some of you have missed a few posts. If that's you, easiest thing might be to click on whichever leaf button takes your fancy. Up in the top right-hand corner. See? Or if you like, you can join me on Facebook (which I'm still getting used to!).

Cuddles * Our own sashimi * Kian on his bike * Beach walk after Avoca Markets * Firescreek Winery *
Luca at the beach

Winter sun * Choc cupcakes * Playing with cans and string * Swimming with Kian * Lilies in our deep dark wood * Kian posing * Brothers on the seesaw * Fun in the deep dark wood * Best vegetable lasagne 

Trotting fun * Homegrown basil * Noise with saucepans * Watering the worms * Digger watching * A stroll with Sydney * Brotherly love * My first hydrangea

Green and red tomato chutney * Luca harvesting * Perfect passionfruit * No-churn strawberry ice cream *
Kian up to no good * My favourite way to see presents * Graeme's latte art * A pensive moment *
Summer fruit salad

A special trip on a trike * Homemade sign * Luca and an eastern rock lobster * Dinner * Kian chasing geese

Organic sourdough * Spinach at home * Kian climbing * Mucking about on the decking * Watering the brassicas * Mr and Mrs Shadow * Trying to grow basil from a cutting * Helping in the garden * Climbing high * Pant pant * Holding on tight to my cuddlebug

Autumn colour * Morning catch * Two brothers * Sydney Botanical Gardens * Amazing light at Terrigal *
Summer sun * Sydney's birthday

Family outing * Slow food * Luca catches a fish * Turning four * Rough and tumble with friends

Enjoying a party * Picking flowers * Sticking leaves * Sharing a muslin * Heavenly jonquils * Winter day out *
Kian's 1st * Snorkel and fins * At the pool * Cheeky grins * Crabbing at our favourite spot * Helping Daddy clean and fillet the fish * My beautiful mum and I

'Luca', made out of things from the garden * Pinning it on the door with Auntie Jennifer * Frangipani in our garden *
I love the Avoca markets * Oh so cheeky

Lazing about * Crabbing in winter * Putting together Kian's toddle truck *
My first mud crab with Opa * Straight into the water fully clothed

A week's worth of dinners * Watching Daddy fillet * Posing with Opa and the mud crab we just caught *
Christmas morning rainbow

My three boys * Playground fun * Our tomato glut * A much-loved umbrella *
A different way with paint * Crawling outside

Squelch squerch * Kian playing fetch * Smiles * Warm crumble * Pink rhubarb * Blocks at home


  1. Congratulations Vanessa! I absolutely LOVE your pictorial homage. Cheers to the next 100, now with added foooood!! x

  2. Ahhh, thanks Bron. So nice of you to say!

  3. Congrats on the 100! What a lovely bunch of photos x


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