Sunday, 6 May 2012

Time to celebrate

We've been saving this bottle of bubbly for over a year now. Waiting for something to celebrate. We're normally rubbish at celebrating.

I'd like us to celebrate the little things more often. I guess it's another way of being grateful.


Graeme's just negotiated a four-day week and we're over the moon. A long weekend every week. Four days, not five, of doing the boys' breakfast, lunch and dinner on my own. Bedtime hour shared over three nights, not two....

OK, I'm sure you've definitely got it now. (Sure?)

Seriously though, I can hardly believe it. So we reckoned it was time to pop that cork.

Especially as there was something else to celebrate. Except I can't tell you about it.

The first time I wrote about it, I jinxed it and it didn't happen again.

Then when I mentioned it again, it stopped.

So I'm not even going to write the words. In fact, Graeme and I have learnt not to talk about it all. I have a  funny way of changing the course of events when I talk about them. And write about them, it seems.

So, we're just celebrating more time together at home, and something else.

To do with a little boy.

There I go again.


  1. DEFINITELY time to open that bubbly!! A four day week would be awesome. So happy for you x

  2. Plenty of reason to celebrate there. Fearful of jinxing you so I'm not going to type it.



  3. That sounds like a perfect reason to celebrate :) xx

  4. Oh those little things do deserve to be celebrated...and often! Hope the bubbly tickled your noses.
    ps so glad you stopped by my place and said hello. :-)

  5. Hallelujah! This is exactly what bubbly was made for! x

  6. Hi Vanessa... yes I partly moved from blogger because I was having some page layout problems (which you can probably see on my old blog's all wonky) which I just could not resolve. But the bigger reason was some privacy issues so a complete, un-searchable (google, change was needed. I am now safe amongst fellow bloggers only. ;-)
    I am still learning my way around wordpress but know enough to be happy with how things look and to be able to keep blogging. I'm happy with it. Love to you.

  7. Vanessa that is just the best news, having your hubby more often will be fantastic and definitely worth celebrating with that bubbly:)


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