Monday, 2 April 2012

I'm back! And giveaway winners!

I didn't intend on being away for so long, but I had to be with Mum and the boys while she was here.

It's just us now, and it feels normal again. But it didn't on Thursday. I was trying to look composed as we drove to preschool on Thursday, but as Luca sadly waved goodbye from the car, he said 'I love having Grandma here', and then the bit that really finished me off: 'why can't Grandma live here?'.

But it was a lovely long month together. Here's what we got up to (linking in with Sunny + Scout).

Remember this? Well, I don't have to save up now.
Mum unveiled the teepee that she made for Luca's
4th birthday. Isn't it gorgeous? Mum's thinking about
turning it into a business...

A shallow swim in the lagoon

Despite any attempt I made to warn Mum of the harsh
Australian sun, she frequently 'forgot' her hat

A plate of our very own sashimi. Every bit as delicious as it looks.
Luca gave it a go and spat it on the floor. Oh well.

Feeding the ducks on a cycle track
Or not

Shortly after he recovered from chicken
pox-cum German measles-cum roseola

Out on a picnic with Grandma

Riding their bikes along the beach

Mum and I did lots of eating. Too much.

And sightseeing

They do bicker despite what these pictures
might suggest. And they whinge, and they
fight over things. But sometimes they look
like this. 
Kian giving out his hundredth kiss of the

At the markets on a wet day

And finally to announce who won the books in my giveaway. Bron from Maxabella Loves, you've won Sensual Home, and Greer from Typically Red, I managed to take a name out of a hat for the food book and out you popped, so I guess it's definitely going now! Thank you to those who entered, and well done to the two of you! Drop me a line with your addresses.

(I've been pondering why there were fewer entries than I had expected, but then realised that the blasted word veri has been switched on the whole time on my blog! And I'd been complaining about having to type in those stupid words on other people's blogs! Anyway, mine's off now. For good.)

I'll be back soon with a very exciting gardening post. Well, OK, exciting for me.


  1. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! That's a bit exciting. Maybe we can timeshare the book - three months on, three months off ;)

    Glad you had a lovely time with your mum. The teepee is excellent! And your boys are gorgeous xx

  2. Congratulations to Bron and Greer!

    I'm glad that you had a great time with your mum - the teepee she made is fantastic! Saying goodbye must be hard. Hope you get to see her again soon. xx

  3. Lots of lovely photos. Glad you enjoyed the time with your Mum and what an awesome teepee! Congrats to the winners of your lovely giveaway x

  4. Thanks Vanessa, that's such good news. I'm glad you left a call out on my post as you caught me on a 'no blogging' week last week!! I'll email you!



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