Monday, 3 October 2011

The Gruffalo at the Opera House

We'd already seen the Gruffalo's Child at our local Laycock Theatre and loved it. Fabulous cast and Luca and I still sing the music. Next on the list of shows to see was the Gruffalo – this time playing at the Opera House. So off to Sydney for a day out we go.

Aside from a few hiccups (we thought we could entertain them on a train but they were an absolute pain. Note to self: never take public transport with your children when you can easily strap them into the car and just drive! Oh and coming to terms with the fact that two kids have indeed wiped my brain cells when I spent a good few minutes on the train struggling to remember where we lived after someone asked me. And thinking we had enough time to walk from Central station to the Opera house and have lunch before the show, only to madly order and scoff expensive sushi and tempura in the space of 10 minutes. And Kian getting the fright of his life when the Gruffalo made an appearance on stage).... yes aside from a few minor bumps, it was a very good show. Plenty of laughs for grown-ups and lots of songs and cheering for the little ones.

We were straight up to the stage afterwards to get a picture, closely followed by the rest of the Playhouse, before everyone got a thorough telling off from the stewards. Oops.

A quick play in the Botanic Gardens, then home again (not before having to endure another 90 minutes on the train with the troublesome (and very fidgety) twosome.

Here's a corker: Graeme's pushing the double buggy that day and a lady comes up and eyes the boys sitting back quietly. Know what she says next?

'Ah, twins'.

To say anything would have killed the moment. Graeme just smiled politely... then came running to tell me.


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