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  1. Hello Vanessa....I stumbled into your blog through Nicola's. I am new at organic gardening, composting, mulching and I am enjoying it. I will check your blog to learn new stuff. Thanks. Currently, I live in Guam. I understand you live in Australia. What is the weather like in Australia....I know it gets hot but do you get the four seasons like in the States. Talk to you later.


  2. Goodness gracious. Just came into your post, as I must have neglected to notice the comment you made on our blog some days back. And what do I notice?! That I have missed out on your lovely blog and your beautiful pictures. Have had a good old nosey, and to be fair, you are a very talented photographer! Makes me want to come back.
    /Louisa (the other sister, as I see Camilla also have been on making a few comments) :-)


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