Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Book ledges, fun with Grandma and pooch's birthday

Don't you love this way of displaying books?

Image via here

Image via here

Luca's book collection is resembling a small village library, and they no longer fit in the Ikea baskets we bought a couple of years ago. Plus with Kian in his room every minute of the day, his books are getting trashed.

I came across this tutorial and got to work straight away. Well, alright, I got to work nagging he-who-works-with-the-wood. For those of you who'd like a bit more detail, I do know he had a 150mm x 19mm plank of wood and put it through his table saw to get two different widths, plus he had a 40mm x 19mm length to use as the lip.

We chose to glue and screw to make it stronger (and because I'm an instant gratification kind of gal, and I didn't want to wait around for glue to dry).

Whilst it may look like I know what I'm doing here, I really didn't. Graeme only let me do one or two.

After a quick sand...

I gave them an initial prime with a dollop of the pale blue colour I wanted, followed by a proper coat of paint.

(Really isn't fun to have the one table in the house used for Luca's craft, three meals a day, my little projects and household paperwork. It's driving me mad.)

Graeme wanted to fill the screws, but I was happy with them as they were.

Ta da!!!! What do you think?

I just love them. Course, two was hardly going to fix the problem. But it's a start. Two for Kian next.

Yes, yes, I know Ikea have very smart $10 picture ledges, but Ikea is quite a distance away. I hate driving, I hate traffic, and I'd much rather stay at home and clear the table umpteen times between licks of paint.

Speaking of Ikea, look what I picked up in a garage sale at the weekend for $5 each! They were initially meant for the boys. One each. But I'm not sure now. I think I like them too much. 

Mum is here for a month. It's already going so quickly. With family living overseas, there's usually a period of adjustment, getting used to each other again. But the boys behaved like Grandma lives just around the corner. Instant cuddles, kisses and conversation. For that I'm grateful. 

Cuddles with Kian...

And baking with Luca...

Luca making butterfly cakes for Sydney's 6th birthday. She enjoyed every last crumb. Plus the bone he bought for her. Plus the fish that Graeme caught that morning. One spoilt little doggie.

Happy birthday pooch.


  1. The shelves look great! Love that idea. Such a good way to display books. My parents also live overseas so I know what you mean about an adjusting period. Looks like you're all having a ball though. x

  2. These look wonderful! I'm inspired... I'm going to make some for jude's room :)

  3. I'm sure I commented late last night... clearly I got to word verification and never hit publish.

    The shelves look great. We have some of the spice rack ones from Ikea in W's room, but they are at just the right height for A to walk in and sweep them all down, so they are usually empty!

    Enjoy having your mum there - glad the settling in period was quick. Hope you and the boys don't miss her too much when she goes. x

  4. Love the shelves! What a great idea :) Beautiful photos!

  5. Say hi to your mum from me. And I do so miss Sydney.... Give her a pat from us x

  6. Your shelves look great!! What a beautiful display. Enjoy your mum's stay x

  7. I love those shelves. So cute. I have been waiting to go to Ikea to get the other ones but like you its ages away. Maybe I'll just make some.


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